profileI'm a book lover, movie watcher, and music listener. I love watching Hallmark Channel and helping others decide what products to buy, borrow, and skip.

I'm also a blogger and a website and social media manager and designer for authors. I’m an uncle to five lovable, kind, and caring nephews and nieces. I’m a homeschool graduate and Penn State Alumni.

With so many products out there and a limited amount of time and money, it can be challenging to know what to do. Should I watch that new movie or read that book? Should I buy that music CD or borrow that book from the library? Is this really worth buying or should I just skip it and buy that instead?

I know the struggle and that's why I created this site! I'm here to help you find your next entertainment fix!

Getting the Most Out of My Reviews

Now this site isn't called Buy, Borrow, Skip for nothing! I designed my star ratings to correspond with the Buy, Borrow, Skip structure.

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