See Rose Lane is the second book in the Hope Harbor Series. I didn't read the first book in the series, Hope Harbor, but I was able to understand most of the story. I do feel it would have been beneficial to read the first book, because I would have had a better understanding of some characters and their backstory.

I was quickly pulled into this book as the opening scene grabbed my interest when Eric ran into BJ's car. As you can imagine their first encounter didn't go that well. As you can expect, BJ got mad because Eric was texting when the accident happened. If that wasn't bad enough, Eric quickly found out that his dad was turning his childhood home into a Bed and Breakfast.

It is obvious in the story that Eric doesn't approve of the renovation when he begins questioning his dad on the crew and making sure they have green cards. In addition to what Eric is going through, he is forced to see BJ, who is leading the work on his dad's house.

While there is friction between Eric and BJ, the story didn't hold my attention. I quickly got lost between one engaging moment and the next. I didn't personally care for Eric's character and some of the things he did. I was hoping to be swept away and drawn into this story, but that never happened. While the story started off interesting, it didn't hold my interest the way I hoped.

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*I received a free copy of this product to facilitate this post, however you, my readers, come first and all opinions are my own.